Michael, here’s your Customized Truth-Speaking Report

Given your Truth-Speaking profile, this special report will begin helping you be heard, respected and listened to, starting today.

You’ll no longer fear rocking the boat or having to continue living a life of “quiet desperation.”

And maybe the best part is, with the new skill you’re about to acquire, you naturally receive more love and affection that you crave in your personal life, as well as become far more successful and respected in business.

So go ahead and read this report and watch the videos. If you can trust me for the next few minutes, I can promise you a breakthrough that will immediately allow you more freedom in expressing yourself as a woman, as a business owner, and as a wife.

Let’s get started!

If you were a character in a movie you would be Katherine Graham (played by Meryl Streep) in the movie, The Post.

After a life of being walked over by men in the industry, in this rather intense scene, she takes back her true power as a woman AND as the widowed owner of the most prestigious newspapers in the country:


(Read on, and you’ll discover how to take back your power, too.)

The solution can be found in your Truth-Speaking Personna.

First, your Truth-Speaking Personna indicates, while not always, you have the tendency for these characteristics and behaviors: —
  • Anxiety and repressed anger when you're not being heard
  • Difficulty handling someone who is self-centered, possibly narcissistic or even abusive
  • Finding it challenging to speak up for yourself
  • Stress from men — and even some women — often not respecting or listening to you
  • A fear of stirring up the hornet’s nest and making things worse than they already are

Your [Profile Name] personna additionally indicates in your marriage you may . . .

  • Feel a longing to have heart-to-heart conversations with your husband rather than having to "stuff” your feelings
  • Desire to end frequent arguments
  • Have a hidden grief that your inner turmoil regarding your marriage may eventually lead in the direction of separation . . . and possibly even divorce

Regarding being self-employed, you like other women business-owners, likely wish to —

  • Be better at creating healthy boundaries
  • Be more adept at delegating, and keeping your team on schedule and on task
  • Be clearer, firmer and more effective when negotiating agreements
  • Become more skilled at heading off conflicts
  • Potentially even avert a lawsuit that’s looming before the situation gets even more out of hand

In a nutshell, you end up harboring a lot of repressed anger, resentment and frustration.

This is because when it comes to getting your point across, you feel you may not have the words to be able to speak up for yourself without offending the other person.

Why Speaking Up For Yourself Is Often A “Dammed If You Do, Dammed If You Don't” Decision For Women

It’s true. Women more than men (though many men, as well), are often afraid to ask for what they most need.

Perhaps you hesitate asking your husband, children or even an employee to take certain responsibilities, so you don't feel overwhelmed doing so much yourself.

Or it could be you are reluctant to tell a friend, an employee, a teenaged child or your husband that a certain behavior is wearing on your nerves.

It’s so frustrating!

It can also be something as everyday as your husband turning on the television and zoning out when you both get home from work. You smile and pretend everything is wonderful, but deep inside, you desperately desire to spend more time with him, sharing your thoughts, feelings, goals and desires.

You wish you could speak your truth, but feel you won't be heard... or you feel you may be shut down... or you feel you may unintentionally offend the other person.

Below, listen to Sherry Farrell, a real estate broker and mom,
hilariously describe the tongue-tied bind she finds herself in when
wanting to express her needs —

"You start off saying keep peace at all costs . . .
and you silently suffer . . ."

Below, listen to Dr. Deborah Kearney, a prominent educator and founder of Job Smart Enterprises describe the tortuous bind she too experiences when wanting to Speak Her Truth —

"The problem of Speaking Your Truth
is working through the emotion of it.
I don't do it well."

If you're a man, you also are not alone in your challenges in speaking up to get your needs fulfilled:

Listen to what Wayne, a gentleman I struck up a conversation with,
had to say about the problems he faces
Speaking His Truth —

"Most people lie to each other
and call it having a relationship."

As a woman, which issues regarding speaking up for yourself apply most to you?

Check one or all below,
then proceed onto the course:

Shockingly, even the most powerful people in the world can feel inhibited and squashed when trying to Speak Their Truth.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Listen to what this powerful woman confesses —

"It took me a long time
to develop a public voice . . ."

The difficulties in life and relationships not being able to express your needs and Speak Your Truth are pervasive.

When the #MeToo Movement suddenly exploded forth just a few years ago, many women finally found the courage to step forward and Speak Their Truth.

Hear these famous actresses coming forward and describing their
experiences of sexual harassment and abuse:

Julia Roberts
Rose McGowan
Alyssa Milano
Mary J. Blige
and others —

"I've been silenced for 20 years."

"This is the worst, this quiet insidious cruelty."

"It's a horrible thing to hold onto something you
can't tell anyone about."

"The world didn't do anything."

"Nobody cared."

Indeed, a Speaking Your Truth Revolution has begun sweeping the globe.

The #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and #NeverAgain movements continue to be in the news nearly every week. This is after generations of silence and repression about sexual harassment, political racism and gun violence in our children's schools.

The harmful effects of an inability to Speak Your Truth often isn't as dramatic as outright abuse.

Like most people — women and men alike — you may feel you are not getting what you most need in your relationships.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

In 2018, during the height of the explosive uprising of these
Social Truth Movements, I interviewed Barbara Marx Hubbard,
the beloved founder of the Conscious Evolution Movement.

Before she began speaking about how
The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth
can begin influencing humankind's advancement,

Barbara talked about the opportunity the "crisis" was providing us —

Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Crisis precedes transformation."

Speaking Your Truth with your husband, with your family, with your employees, team members and partners doesn't have to offend others or require you putting on superficial airs of being "fierce."

Nor should you be labeled a “b*tch”

Here's the good news:

When you discover how to Speak Your Truth using 5 simple yet powerful "Phases", you can be heard, you can be understood, you can be finally listened to... without ever having to harbor repressed anger, resentment or frustration again.

And here’s the best part:

You can do so in a manner that naturally causes the other person to freely give you what you most desire.

Chief Judge Paul Michel

Former Watergate Prosecutor
and Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals

talks about The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth —

"I believe that Michael Norwood's 5 Phases
are desperately needed in today's society. . ."

These 5 phases of speaking your truth... simple communication strategies used by people such as Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) and Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand)... can be used by all strong, powerful women like yourself to achieve the results you want, especially if you’re married or are a female business owner.

The 5 Phases
of Speaking Your Truth
For A Married Self-employed Woman

The 5 Phases are:

  1. Holding the Space: 4 completely natural techniques for having your intention speak louder than words
  2. Speaking the Other's Truth First: The effortless keys of this step create automatic alignment and rapport.
  3. Allowing the Other to Speak Your Truth: Creating the opportunity for the other person’s point of view to align with your point of view resulting in spontaneous unity, harmony, cooperation and collaboration
  4. Using Questions of Grace: Gently leading the other in the inevitable direction of agreement and cooperation
  5. Hitting the Nail on the Head: Getting to the point and easily putting an end to undesirable behavior without offending the other person

As opposed to the typical blunt My Way or the Highway Approach, In all successful relationship and business negotiations, you’ll find these 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth at work.

That stated, there are many nuances and subtleties to gently opening up the other person to where they become so receptive, your ideas are WELCOMED, rather than rejected or ignored.

This is why I’ve created...

The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass

The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass shows you, as a woman, a natural, effortless way to resolve conflict... deepen and strengthen your relationship with your husband and family... soften even the hardest people... and to uncover your hidden ability to impact, influence and lead others.

Hear Steve share how the Masterclass has super-charged both his
personal and business relationships —

"The personal relationships
that I have utilized the information in this course
have healed, and also,
my business relationships . . .
'through the roof!'"

In this 10-module masterclass, you’ll discover how to use the 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth to:

  • Dissolve stress with your husband
  • Soften unreasonableness with family members (including parents and children!)
  • Set boundaries that will be respected
  • Make your home life joyful again

In your business, you will begin having at your fingertips the skills to:

  • Resolve conflicts with employees, team members and business partners
  • Remove resistance with customers and in key negotiations
  • Build powerful teams to accomplish your goals

And so much more...

These five phases will have a profound and lasting impact on your personal and professional life. For a moment, let’s really appreciate the power (and at the same time subtlety) of each of The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth in this life-changing masterclass:

Phase #1: Speaking Your Truth: Holding the Space

Imagine, FIRSTNAME, being able to resolve 50-60% of your conflicts--without saying a word!

Holding the Space creates a space where your intention for what you want to accomplish speaks louder than words.

It’s the entire foundation for all the other 4 Phases. It is the technique you will find yourself using more than any other.

Yet as simple as it is, it is the most difficult technique to make a reflex when you are in a potential conflict.

The good news is, women are naturally four times better at it than men.

Now you may believe the goal of this Phase is not to talk. However, Holding the Space is not about biting your lip... it’s not about not wanting to rock the boat... and it’s definitely not about stuffing your feelings.

It’s about creating a palpable intention and letting THAT do the talking. So much so, the other person actually feels it and can’t help but let go of whatever issue they’re holding onto.

Using the 4 powerful yet completely natural techniques of Holding the Space, you will frequently even find the other person giving you an unsolicited sincere apology for their words or actions . . . without you having to do or say a thing more.

Listen to Susanna describe
how using specific Holding the Space techniques
the other person becomes much more open and receptive -

"Once you put those things in practice
it's surprising how much better the communication is,
how much happier!"

Curtis describes how the Phase 1 techniques
have helped his relationships:

"One of the techniques that I had the hardest time with
was not interrupting.
Just that alone was really helpful . . ."

Our first job to effectively Speak Our Truth and to get what we need, is to overcome our lifetime of reactivity.

Stated differently, you’ll learn how to turn off your automatic Fight or Flight response, the mechanism that makes us want to either attack or run away.

Listen to Charles describe the power you will have
by learning how to
instantly turn on this magical harmony-creating state of being —

"The breathing techniques really help me
calm down, get centered, and really listen . . .
{They} have been fantastic."

Once you’re adept at the simple breathing and centering techniques of Holding the Space, oftentimes you’ll never have to utter a word to head off an argument. You will automatically get the other person to let go of whatever they are holding onto.

Thus, the entire relationship with that person with whom you may otherwise be in conflict will naturally shift to one of cooperation, collaboration and congeniality.

Listen to Steve share his experiences of exactly this type of
5 Phases magic here:

"Holding Your Space
is the one key piece.
It is much more effective
and you don't interject prematurely."

Listen to Bob share his experiences of how
Phase 1 has helped stop him being reactive:

"I've been less reactive, less defensive.
And one of the key contributors to that is
Holding the Space."

Phase #2: Speaking Your Truth: Speaking The Other's Truth

The quickest way to get people to speak YOUR truth!

Once you’ve created the intention, the next phase is to Speak The Other’s Truth.

Knowing how to speak the other’s truth is very powerful. It creates immediate alignment and rapport. It allows the other person to feel understood, acknowledged and even loved.

There are 7 simple techniques of Phase #2, Speaking the Other's Truth. These include agreeing, validating and using humor . . . all while strengthening your position rather than giving up ground, as woman too frequently otherwise do.

That said, as a woman, this Phase will also come much more naturally to you than it does to most men.

The following videos provide wonderful examples of how your husband and other men in your life can benefit you greatly from them learning The 5 Phases with you —

Hear Charles and Bob share
how revolutionary these simple Phase 2 techniques have been
in their work and spousal relationships:

"When you get where another person is coming from
there is a special bond that's set up there.
And you can just see them relax . . ."

"Since I'm Speaking Their Truth more,
they also are able to hear
what I have to say.
It brings us together."

Phase #3: Speaking Your Truth: Allowing the Other person to Speak Your Truth

Friction-Free Conflict Resolution on Steroids

Phase #3 of Allowing the Other to Speak Your Truth creates the most magical and gratifying result in the entire Speaking Your Truth process.

This is that unforgettable moment you have been waiting for —

when the other person you may have been at odds with finally Speaks Your Truth For You!

This often comes in the form of a sincere apology —

Watch Anderson Cooper report about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.
The governor apologizes for the harm he did as a college student
posing for a highly-charged racist photo —

"I am deeply sorry.
I cannot undo the harm
my behavior caused then or today."
— Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

The Phase #3 techniques you will learn in the Masterclass are actually used while you are talking!

This is as opposed to the Phase #1 breathing techniques, which you use while listening.

Hear Susanna and Bob talk about
these extraordinary harmony-producing Phase 3 techniques —

"I learned to keep it very succinct . . .
and then to allow for the silence after
to allow the person to take in what I had said."

"It allowed me to focus on the other person,
and not so much on criticizing what they were saying.
That's just an added bonus."

Phase #4: Speaking Your Truth: Questions of Grace

How To Effortlessly Steer the Conversation to Win/Win Resolution

Asking Questions of Grace rather than making blunt assumptions is one of the most common ways to Speak Your Truth more gracefully and get the other person to automatically align with you.

You, FIRST NAME, as a woman, will typically be much more adept at many of the types of Questions of Grace than men.

However, as you will hear, learning some of these powerful Questions will be life-changing, providing a friction-free means for you to speak up for yourself and get what you need in any situation —

especially with men (and some women) who tend toward the “My Way or Highway” attitude.

Listen to Sherry, Bob and Susanna share how the four types of Questions you will learn in Module 9 of the Masterclass helped them to head off arguments and improve all their relationships.

"I like that we're taught to ask permission.
That I say to someone, can I share my thoughts with you?
It's much better than being passive aggressive
or walking away angry!"

"Asking Questions of Grace . . .
allows just what is needed in that moment."

"I've learned to be a lot more outspoken and say
'Would you mind if I respond to that?'"

Please note:

Asking these Questions is so natural, when Susanna, my significant other, now uses one of the 4 types of Questions of Grace with me, I never even realize it!

And I'm the one who created this Masterclass!

In the same way, your husband, FIRST NAME, will automatically open up and become more receptive to whatever you for so long may have been wishing to express to, and receive from, him . . .

yet without him ever realizing how much he’s shifting into the man you always wished him to be.

The 5 Phases work so invisibly, it may seem almost like magic when you see how your relationships overnight begin to improve!

Phase #5: Speaking Your Truth: Hitting the Nail on the Head

The Days of People Walking Over You Are Numbered

Our way of Hitting The Nail On The Head gets to the point without offending the other person.

This is the ironic thing: The classic way of Hitting The Nail On The Head may create resistance, amplify conflict and trigger the other person.

Most people unfamiliar with The 5 Phases, speak their truth solely using a confrontational Hitting the Nail on the Head tone. We have many expressions for this:

  • Telling the way it is
  • Being a straight-shooter
  • Laying it on the line
  • Telling another to take it or leave it

Only in approximately 5% of the circumstances will you ever need to engage one of the resistance-free techniques you will learn for Hitting the Nail on the Head. Approximately 95% of the time, your issue with another person will be resolved after you use Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Watch this brief clip from Phase 5 of the Masterclass
where Michael displays a famous line from
Dirty Harry to show how not to Speak Your Truth —

"Make My Day"
(NOT a 5 Phases phrase!!!)

How to Stop a War Before It Starts

The problem with straight-shooting, is the other person tends to mirror you . . .

Meaning, they want to shoot straight back!

And all that results is a shooting war.

In contrast, using all 5 Phases, the other person becomes far more open and receptive if Hitting the Nail on the Head becomes necessary.

This results in a much happier outcome where everyone's needs are met.

Listen to Sherry's touching story of how the graceful Hitting the Nail on the Head
techniques from the Masterclass
enabled her to avoid the resentment
she would have felt if she hadn't spoken her truth . . .

(And the other person was actually happy she did!)

"Many, many wonderful things happened
that would not have happened
had I not spoken my truth."

You Will Use The 5 Phases

Every single day and with every person in your life, you will find yourself using The 5 Phases and their many variations.

Each technique brims with an atomic power all its own.

Listen to Erin, Charles and Steve describe
using The 5 Phases everyday to resolve and avoid conflict and to
create harmony in all their relationships —

"It would help in pretty much any situation,
from relationships, whether it's your family,
significant other, even at work."

"Anytime we can increase our communications skills
is going to help us in really every interaction
we have with anybody . . .
This is invaluable."

"Techniques you will be able to use
for your entire life in any type of conversation."

"Well this is something I use every day!"

The Benefits of
taking the Masterclass together -

If you are married or have a significant other, The Masterclass not only can save your marriage . . .

it will begin transforming a good marriage into a great one.

By providing the tools for you to eliminate simmering resentments and arguments with one another —

the very thing that slowly erodes even the best marriages —

together you will create a fertile field for sustained love, harmony and mutual sharing.

Listen to Bob and Susanna describe
how much of a difference The 5 Phases has made in their relationships
(me being the lucky beneficiary with Susanna!) —

"With my wife and I both taking the workshop . . .
it's just allowed things to
flow so much easier."

"The more we incorporate this in our lives,
the better our relationship is."

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass

The 10-Module Masterclass

From the comfort of your own home, the Masterclass is designed to give you expertise from the first day onward in using The 5 Phases to head off arguments, diffuse away your repressed emotions and restore harmony with your husband, family and in your business.

Short Self Study Segments

Each of the 10 video modules is broken down into easily digestible nuggets of approximately 1 to 5 minutes each.

So rather than being overwhelmed with information, you’re assimilating each concept one at a time, building on the lessons you’ve watched previously.


Movie and Television Clips!!!

I spent 10 incredibly enjoyable months combing through thousands of movie, TV and news clips to find the best ones to demonstrate each concept you’ll assimilate.

These entertaining clips make learning FUN, as well as make the techniques effortless to understand and apply.

Sitting in your favorite chair, recliner or bed, you have the ability to go through the modules at your own pace.

Plus, you have the pleasure of being able to review and enjoy each lesson over and over again for years to come!

Women behind wheel of car

Watch this lesson with Michael from Module 1.
It contains a hilarious clip
from the wonderful movie
Fried Green Tomatoes.
It beautifully illustrates how, without The 5 Phases,
we all build up simmering resentments.
These slowly erode your most precious relationships &mdash

90 Minutes per week

Michael Norwood

Each week, you will get together with me on a Zoom group video conference for 90 minutes.

"The way that he interacts and the way that he teaches
has been very effective in my life."

"Michael is a great teacher!"

Each live weekly conference will consist of:

  • ROLE PLAYING (in Breakout Rooms)

    (Or, if you choose, just learning from others role play.)

    Each week, we review vital concepts for using each of The 5 Phases. You then can choose to role play with other students in our completely private virtual breakout rooms these common scenarios you may be encountering in your personal life.

    This gives you the opportunity to rehearse sensitive situations you may have been hesitant to confront, making the real conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to actually have it.

    By the end of the course, all the fine points and nuances for resolving and avoiding conflict, ridding yourself of repressed resentment, and creating harmony both in your personal and professional relationships will be second nature to you.

    AND in the process, you’ll have made many new friends and become an integral part of our 5 Phases Community. (This includes a Facebook Group you can hop on any time you need some advice or companionship or a role-playing partner outside of the weekly meetings.)


    If you need personal help in handling a particular situation, during the class, you will have the opportunity to be coached by Michael. This may be for help with your husband, a loved one, or for a business situation.

    (Michael's normal rate for private coaching sessions ranges from $250 to $500 per session, so just one session with Michael during weekly meetings can pay for the entire course).

    What can happen from just one of these sessions, is not only is your current situation resolved, but your relationship can be transformed forever.

    Coaching can be invaluable not only for the person being coached, but oftentimes for the students watching. They see exactly how to apply the training and are immediately able to masterfully resolve conflicts in their own lives.


    Each week, you and your co-attendees will be guided through a 10 to 20 minute spontaneous meditation Michael will be leading.

    In this higher and more receptive state, your neurology will be embedded with the friction-free and flowing fine points of each of The 5 Phases. These replace old dysfunctional behavior patterns with new patterns that engender greater acceptance, joy and love with your husband, family and friends.

    At the same time, these new behavior reflexes create ever-expanding cooperation and teamwork with everyone in your professional life and business endeavors.


    You will be able to ask and have all your questions answered regarding what you've been discovering in the online home-study portion of the course.

Every Week… New Insights and Breakthroughs!

Each live weekly Zoom meeting is so enjoyable, entertaining and applicable in making your relationships so much more flowing and harmonious, it will become a favorite part of your week.

Maybe more importantly, you’ll find your life transforming into higher and higher levels of what you always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope) of having.

And if you miss a session, no worries! It is recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

All Speaking Your Truth Masterclass Options Include:

  • 10 Video Modules Going In Depth into The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth with Movie, Television and News Clips...
  • 90 Minutes Per Week Live with Michael Norwood, Including Role Playing, Q & A, Guided Meditation and Individual Coaching...
  • Discovering an authentic way to let go of the repress anger, frustration and resentment... stop with alienating others... and get all your needs met by bonding with people and deepening relationships...
  • You’ll find your life transforming into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope of having)...
  • Rehearse sensitive situations you may be reluctant to confront, making the real conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to have it

What’s The Price?

If you were to engage me privately to coach you how to speak your truth, depending upon the circumstance, my fees could be as high as $500 an hour (for high-stakes business issues).

It’s a lot, but the results which people get in terms of saved relationships, multiplied productivity and as well as the sheer mental and emotional relief, can make it a Godsend.

In many cases, I’ve helped save someone’s business or saved someone’s marriage. Or even got them out of a legal mess, saving them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees.

That’s why the regular price of $1200 for The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass is such a great value.

With it, You get all the modules and you get all the weekly zoom meetings for as long as 50 weeks.

However, I’ve noticed in conducting this Masterclass 2 things:

  1. To make it more affordable, some people prefer to start off with the very inexpensive self study program and participate in just one sample Zoom meeting.
  2. This second thing is regarding my own deep sense of purpose:

    Knowing how the knowledge from the Masterclass can change not just lives, companies, communities and even countries, I’m willing to forego just about all profit to make it completely affordable for anyone who deeply desires this transformation . . . for themselves, their family and the world.

So, depending upon what’s most fitting for you, you can adjust the price to one you are most comfortable with.

Go ahead and click the button here to choose the most comfortable price to take the next step in this life-altering new journey —

Congratulations, MICHAEL, for deciding to comfortably get started now!

I understand you may prefer to begin with a much shorter and inexpensive program than taking all 50 weekly live Zoom meetings with me.

(If you wish, you can sign up for additional weekly sessions later for just a little higher, yet still completely affordable, price.)

All The Masterclass Options Below Include:

  • 10 Video Modules Going In Depth into The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth with super-fun Movie, Television and News Clips to make The Phases simple and automatic for you to apply...
  • 90 Minutes Per Week Live with Dr. Michael Norwood, Including Q & A, Guided Meditation, Individual Coaching… and Role-Playing to —
  • Rehearse sensitive situations you may be reluctant to confront, making your real-life conversations flow effortlessly once you’re ready to have them
  • Discovering an authentic way for you to let go of any repressed anger, frustration and resentment after possibly years of stuffing it
  • Discovering an authentic way for you to let go of any repressed anger, frustration and resentment after possibly years of stuffing it
  • Discovering your life transforming each day into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope) of having...

3 Masterclass Options

Single Couple


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Weekly group session with Michael

25 hours online self study

Let's Start!

Ambassador Most popular

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Weekly group sessions with Michael

25 hours online self study

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Secretary of State

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Weekly group sessions with Michael

25 hours online self study

Let's Start!

My Ironclad 3-Pronged
35-Day Guarantee to You

The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass comes with three absolute guarantees:


You’ll love the videos and weekly Zoom meetings and your relationship challenges will naturally begin disappearing with each 1-5 minute lesson. If you’re not satisfied, simply write me for a full No-Questions-Asked refund.


This masterclass will be one of the most (if not THE Most) entertaining, yet transformative experience you’ve ever had. If it’s not, just contact me for a full refund.


You’ll begin letting go your repressed anger, resentment and frustration, ultimately transforming your relationships into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed, but perhaps had given up hope, of ever having.
Again, if this doesn’t happen, simply write me for a full No-Questions-Asked full refund.

While our first meeting with each other is still just a few clicks away, I’m already profoundly excited for you, FIRSTNAME. I mean that from the heart. This Masterclass is my life’s work. I know how these 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth have immediately set others free from all the negative experiences and emotions which so often come with close relationships and in business . . . just as they are about to begin doing for you.

All I ask is that you watch and listen relaxed yet attentively, andparticipate in the coaching, the guided meditations, the role-playing if you wish, and eventually, in helping many others.

You have 35 days to ensure The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass is everything you likely feel deep inside that it can do for you. Go ahead and select the best price for you now.

What Speaking Your Truth Is Not:

Speaking Your Truth is not:

  • “My needs above your needs”
  • “Win at all costs”
  • Who can speak the fastest or the loudest
  • It will teach how to compromise yourself, your values, your beliefs and your needs.

Speaking Your Truth Can Change The World

As you’ll soon discover, the greatest world leaders and peacemakers across the globe and throughout history all naturally use the 5 Phases of Speak Your Truth...

Mother Theresa, Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Golda Meir, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Harriet Tubman, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey. . .

These leaders have changed cultures and entire societies. They have created peace in the world. And you’re about to join them.

If they can do this on the world stage, you can easily do it in your personal and professional life.

Watch this clip from
Oprah's 2018 Golden Globe Acceptance Speech,
centered around Speaking Your Truth —

"Speaking Your Truth
is the most powerful tool we all have . . . "

Once you become adept at the 5 Phases, let’s imagine just for a moment, a typical day…

  • You and your husband looking deep in each other’s eyes with love… love that is not conditional… love that’s not covering up repressed resentment…
  • When you talk to your team, employees or partners at work, they know implicitly that your decisions are based upon their highest good and of the organization rather than any fear, unresolved resentment or greed.
  • If you have children, rather than having to pull teeth getting them to do something, you have meaningful two-way conversations about what’s needed. You watch them grow up with the new skills you are modeling for them, saving them from so much of the stress and burdens you had to live with before now.
  • Your stomach is no longer tied up in knots when you have conversations with people who may not agree with you. You’re no longer harboring negativity. The days of “stuffing your feelings” are over.
  • When you do have an issue with someone, you often won’t even have to say a word — or just very few — for it to resolve effortlessly and friction-free.
  • Speaking Your Truth comes to you naturally, without you any longer having to worry about offending or alienating anyone. You actually look forward to having these peacemaking conversations! And you enjoy the profound leadership skills you now naturally share with great luminaries such as Oprah, Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Angela Merkel, as well as Nobel Peace Prize winners Betty Williams, Malala Yousafzai and Doris Lessing.

End result? The Speaking Your Truth can transform your life, making your world — and the entire world — a better place.

This is Your Chance To Change Your Destiny

This is Your Chance To Change Your Destiny

Maybe it’s your health. Maybe the stress and negative emotions cause you to compromise your health and well-being.

Maybe it’s your finances. Maybe the negotiating with vendors, suppliers, partners and employees have created legal issues, not to mention burned a lot of bridges.

Right now, you have the opportunity to change the future. Creating a future where respect, harmony and common good are a way of life.

If you’re debating whether you should or shouldn’t sign up, just remember you’re protected by theThree-Pronged Guarantee.

I encourage you to sign up today. For better or worse, the next conversation you have with someone may be the one that changes EVERYTHING for you.

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