01 Introduction

[syt_user_name] , here is your customized
Truth-Speaking Mini-Masterclass —

Thank you for taking our quiz, [syt_user_name]. Based on your answers, your conflict-resolving personality type is:

“Graceful Honesty & Integrity”

And the movie star who best personifies this truth-speaking profile can be found in blockbusters such as:

And of course, that movie star you can model and best learn from is:

Meryl Streep

Whether playing a housewife facing a midlife marital crisis in The Bridges of Madison County …

Or a gentle and wounded soul who falls into an abusive relationship with an emotionally unstable man in Sophie’s Choice

Or a mom at the end of her tether in Kramer vs Kramer

Meryl Streep, perhaps more than any other actress alive, has captured the repressed emotions and simmering angst of so many women …

And perhaps just like you, [syt_user_name] .

But the role where she most exemplifies the qualities that will help you let go of those shackles and rise up to your true power was playing Katherine Graham in the Oscar-nominated political thriller The Post.

Graham was the initially walked-over but later heroic publisher of The Washington Post.

Given your truth-speaking profile, which I detail just below, this special report will begin helping you be heard, respected and listened to, starting today.

Like Katherine Graham, you’ll lose your fear of rocking the boat and you’ll stop living a life of repressed emotions and frustration.

And maybe the best part is, with the new skill you’re about to acquire, you’ll naturally begin receiving more love and affection you may be craving from significant others, children or parents.

Finally, you’ll develop the power to become an inspiring leader at work and at home.

Let’s get started!

Katherine Graham was the publisher of The Washington Post during the explosive years leading up to her paper’s Pulitzer Prize winning expose’ of The Pentagon Papers and Watergate Scandal. Graham’s courageous decisions led to the downfall and resignation of one of the most corrupt presidents in United States history.

This was while Graham was living under the threat of being criminally prosecuted and jailed as a felon. Her bravery in defying injunctions by the Nixon White House (which had shut down The New York Times from writing anything further on the subject), would lead America out of one of its darkest periods in history.

But for the first 8 years when Graham reluctantly took over the helm of The Post after her husband died in 1963, she was head seemingly in name only, constantly marginalized by men in the organization.

See how much you can identify with what Graham, brilliantly played by Meryl Streep, experiences in these brief scenes from the extraordinary movie The Post

But later, after years of being walked over by others, Katherine Graham takes back her true power as a woman and as the owner of her company. Watch Meryl Streep portray that transformational truth-speaking moment that not only changed The Washington Post forever, but altered the history of our entire country —

Now it’s your turn, [syt_user_name], to discover how to naturally take back your power.

The solution can be found in your Truth-Speaking Persona.

This Persona indicates, while not always, you, like Katherine Graham, have the tendency for these characteristics and behaviors:

  • Anxiety and repressed anger from not being heard
  • Difficulty handling someone who is self-centered (and possibly even narcissistic or abusive)
  • Finding it challenging to speak up for yourself
  • Stress from men — and even some women — often not respecting or listening to you
  • A fear of stirring up the hornet’s nest and making things worse than they already are

Your Katherine Graham Persona additionally indicates in your relationships you may …

  • Feel a longing to have heart-to-heart conversations with your significant others rather than having to “stuff” your feelings
  • Desire to end frequent arguments
  • Have a hidden grief that your inner turmoil regarding your future relationships may lead to emotional distancing … and even separation … and possibly even breaking up

Regarding being a manager, you, like Katherine Graham and so many other women managers, likely wish to —

  • Feel more respect, especially from men
  • Be better at creating healthy boundaries
  • Be more adept at delegating, and keeping your team on schedule and on task
  • Be clearer, firmer and more effective when negotiating agreements
  • Become more skilled at heading off conflicts
  • Potentially even avert a legal action that’s looming before the situation gets totally out of hand

In a nutshell, you end up harboring a lot of repressed anger, resentment and frustration.

This is because when it comes to getting your point across, you feel you may not have the words to be able to speak up for yourself without offending the other person.