Phase 4

Phase #4
Questions of Grace

How To Effortlessly Steer the Conversation to Win/Win Resolution

Asking Questions of Grace rather than making blunt assumptions is one of the most common ways to Speak Your Truth more gracefully and get the other person to automatically align with you.

These powerful Questions will be life-changing for you, [syt_user_name]. They provide you a friction-free means for you to speak up for yourself and get what you need in any situation —

especially with men (and with some women) who tend to have a My Way or The Highway attitude.

Listen to Sherry, Bob and Susanna share how the four types of Questions you will learn in Module 9 of the Masterclass helped them to head off arguments and improve all their relationships.

Sherry Farrell(Real Estate Broker)

“I like that we’re taught to ask permission.
That I say to someone, can I share my thoughts with you?
It’s much better than being passive aggressive
or walking away angry!”

“It’s opening them up
and really giving them pause for thought.”

“Asking Questions of Grace …
allows just what is needed in that moment.”

“I’ve learned to be a lot more outspoken and say
‘Would you mind if I respond to that?'”

Please note:

Asking these Questions is so natural, when Susanna, my significant other, now uses one of the four types of Questions of Grace with me, I never even realize it!

And I’m the one who created this Masterclass!

In the same way, your significant other, [syt_user_name], will automatically open up and become more receptive to whatever you for so long may have been wishing to express, and to receive from him …

yet without him ever realizing how much he’s shifting into the man you always wished him to be!

The 5 Phases work so invisibly, it may seem almost like magic when you see how your relationships overnight begin to improve!