Phase 2

Phase #2
Speaking The Other’s Truth

The quickest way to get people to speak YOUR truth!

Once you’ve Held the Space, the next Phase is to Speak The Other’s Truth.

Knowing how to Speak The Other’s Truth creates immediate alignment and rapport. It allows the other person to feel understood, acknowledged and even loved.

There are 7 simple techniques for Speaking the Other’s Truth. These include agreeing, validating and using humor . . . all while strengthening your position rather than giving up ground (as women too frequently do).

That said, as a woman, this Phase will also come much more naturally to you than it does to most men.

The following videos provide wonderful examples of how you can greatly benefit from your significant other and other men in your life learning The 5 Phases with you —

“To bring peace and harmony to conflict,
{Phase 2} is magic.”

“By applying Phase 2 . . .
even though there’s been a breakdown . . .
you can resolve an issue.”

The following videos show how you can beautifully benefit from your husband and other men in your life learning The 5 Phases with you —

“When you get where another person is coming from
there is a special bond that’s set up there.
And you can just see them relax …”

“Since I’m Speaking Their Truth more,
they also are able to hear
what I have to say.
It brings us together.”