Phase 1

Phase #1
Holding the Space

Imagine resolving more than 50% of your conflicts
without saying a word!

Holding the Space creates a space where your intention for what you want to accomplish speaks louder than words.

It’s the entire foundation for all the other 4 Phases. It’s the technique you will find yourself using more than any other.

Yet as simple as it is, it is the most difficult technique to make a reflex when you are in a potential conflict.

The good news is, women are naturally 4X better at it than men.

Holding the Space is not about biting your lip… it’s not about not wanting to rock the boat… and it’s definitely not about stuffing your feelings.

It’s 4 simple techniques that silently do the talking for you!

So much so, the other person actually lets go of any issue or rigidity preventing them from providing you with whatever you may need.

Using these 4 powerful yet completely natural techniques, you will frequently find the other person even giving you an unsolicited sincere apology for their words or actions … without you having to do or say a thing more!

Listen to Susanna, Erin, Raelene and Curtis
describe how using the 4 specific Holding the Space techniques,
the other person becomes open and receptive —

“Once you put those things in practice
it’s surprising how much better the communication is,
how much happier!”

“I have a mother who’s a very strong personality,
and I wanted to have a better relationship with her . . .
without it going into an argumentative type of situation.”

Raelene Coad
Counselor and Author

“It’s important especially if
you’re in conflict with someone.”

Curtis Clements
Geophysicist, Coast Guard Veteran, Horse Trainer

“One of the techniques that I had the hardest time with
was not interrupting.
Just that alone was really helpful . . .”

To effectively Speak Our Truth and to get what we need, the first step is to overcome our own reactivity. This is caused by the thousands of slights, rebuffs and wounds we all have experienced throughout our lives.

Stated differently, you’ll learn how to turn off your automatic Fight or Flight response — the mechanism that makes you want to either attack or run away.

Charles Davis
College Instructor, Life Coach

“The breathing techniques really help me
calm down, get centered, and really listen . . .
{They} have been fantastic.”

Once you’re adept at the simple breathing and centering techniques of Holding the Space, oftentimes you’ll never have to utter a word to head off an argument. You’ll automatically get the other person to let go of whatever they’re holding onto.

Thus, the entire relationship with that person with whom you may otherwise be in conflict will naturally shift to one of cooperation, collaboration and congeniality.

“Holding Your Space
is the one key piece.
It is much more effective
and you don’t interject prematurely.”

Bob Jarosz
(I.T. Specialist)

“I’ve been less reactive, less defensive.
And one of the key contributors to that is
Holding the Space.”