01 Introduction

[syt_user_name] , here is your customized
Truth-Speaking Mini-Masterclass —

Thank you for taking our quiz, [syt_user_name]. Based on your answers, your conflict-resolving personality type is:

“Disarming Honesty & Integrity”

And the movie star who best personifies this truth-speaking profile can be found in blockbusters such as:

And of course, that movie star you can model and best learn from is:

Julia Roberts

Whether playing the outrageously outspoken mom / environmental crusader, Erin Brockovich

Or the scorned southern wife of a wealthy attorney in Something to Talk About

Or the hilariously plotting single girl in My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts has become one of the most successful and beloved actresses of modern times.

And she’s become this through the outspoken yet endearingly repentant roles she’s played … that are a bit like you, [syt_user_name] .

And given this Persona, if a movie was ever made of your life, Julia Roberts would likely be the director’s first choice for the role!

From Module 1, Lesson 2 of the Speaking Your Truth Masterclass watch Julia in one of her most memorable scenes from the movie, Something to Talk About. This clip hilariously demonstrates the direct and straightforward ways that you have indicated via the Truth-Speaking Quiz that you share with her:

Given your Julia Roberts Truth-Speaking Persona (which I detail more in-depth just below), this special report will begin helping you — starting today — to be heard, respected and listened to …

yet without offending others, or causing a backlash aimed square at you.

Similar to the lessons ultimately learned by the characters Julia plays, you’ll stop feeling like you’re either repressing your emotions or rocking the boat everytime you express your truth …

and you’ll learn how to move people to your side …

often with hardly needing to say a word!

And ironically, you’ll become even more lovable than you already may be!

And perhaps the best part is, with the new skills you’re about to acquire, you’ll naturally begin receiving more love and affection you may be craving from your significant other, children, friends or parents.

Finally, you’ll develop the power to become an inspiring leader at work and at home.

Let’s get started!

The following scene from Erin Brockovich is a role Julia Roberts won the Oscar for Best Actress.

See how much you can identify with what Julia Roberts / Erin Brokovich experiences in this brief clip. It occurs after she has blown her chances (due to her outspoken ways) to get a major accident settlement. Desperate for money to feed her children, as a last resort she goes to the very attorney with whom she previously blew her chances —

But further along in the movie (based on real events), after years of suffering the consequences of being too direct, Julia / Erin Brokovich takes back her true power as a woman by using her gentler side to uncover corporate wrongdoing causing hundreds of people to become gravely ill in the small town of Hinckley, California.

We dissect the lessons from this gripping scene in-depth in Module 9 of the Speaking Your Truth Masterclass

Now it’s your turn, [syt_user_name], to discover how to naturally take back your power.

The solution can be found in your Truth-Speaking Persona.

This Persona indicates, while not always, like the women played by Julia Roberts, you have the tendency for these characteristics and behaviors:

  • Anxiety and repressed anger from not being heard
  • Difficulty not reacting to someone who is self-centered (and possibly even narcissistic or abusive)
  • Finding it challenging to stay quiet when you feel someone unfairly judging or belittling you, or putting you in a box
  • Stress from men — and even some women — not respecting or listening to you
  • A fear of your directness stirring up the hornet’s nest and making things worse than they already are

Your Julia Roberts Persona additionally indicates in your relationship you may …

  • Desire to end frequent arguments
  • Feel a longing to have heart-to-heart conversations with your significant other rather than having to decide between “stuffing” your feelings or saying something you’ll later regret
  • Have a hidden grief that your inner turmoil regarding your relationship may lead to emotional distancing … and even separation … and possibly even breaking up

Regarding being a manager — like many of the characters Julia Roberts plays and like so many other real-life women who are managers — you likely wish to:

  • Feel more respect, especially from men
  • Be better at creating healthy boundaries without having to be forceful
  • Be more adept at smoothly delegating, and keeping your team on schedule and on task
  • Be quieter, firmer and more effective when negotiating agreements
  • Become more skilled at heading off conflicts
  • Potentially even avert a legal action that’s looming before the situation gets totally out of hand

In a nutshell, you end up harboring a lot of repressed frustration, anger and resentment.

Ironically, these problems stem from your very need to speak up for yourself. Rather than creating bridges to get your needs fulfilled, instead, being honest and straightforward seems to leave many bridges burning behind you.

As a woman, you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because —

you too often have to decide between either repressing your feelings or offending someone by being as direct as you’re capable of being.