01 Introduction

test man-direct-business-committed

Thank you for taking our quiz, [syt_user_name]. Based on your answers, your conflict-resolving personality type is:

"Disarming Honesty & Integrity”

And the movie star who best personifies this truth-speaking profile can be found in blockbusters such as:

And of course, that movie star you can model and best learn from is:

Denzel Washington

Whether playing the lone attorney willing to take on an AIDS discrimination case in Philadelphia Story ...

Or a coach of a high school football team torn apart by racism in Remember the Titans ...

Or the legendary South African freedom fighter, Steve Biko, in Cry Freedom ...

Denzel Washington’s compellingly outspoken and powerful leadership roles has transcended race in a manner that puts him in the rarefied company of such iconic actors as Morgan Freeman and Sidney Poitier.

He’s become so famed through the straightforward and unforgettably formidable characters he’s played ...

that are a bit like you, [syt_user_name] .

And given this Persona, if a movie was ever made of your life, [syt_user_name], Denzl Washington, though perhaps of a different race, would likely be an excellent choice to capture some of your most outstanding characteristics.

Watch how Washington uses these exceptional personality traits — many which you share with him — to wrest control from a submarine captain hell-bent on initiating nuclear war in Crimson Tide.

Notice how in this powerful scene Denzel Washington / Executive Officer Hunter as second in command to Gene Hackman / Captain Ramsey, while very polite at first, doesn’t back down.

This is the unique trait of those, like yourself [syt_user_name], who have great integrity and strength of character.

The very tricky part of having this Truth-Speaking Persona, as you likely have experienced, is using your ability to be direct without unnecessarily offending or alienating others. This is the major potential pitfall of your Persona.

Below, we’ll watch a scene played by a different actor portraying another iconic personality who shares this same straight-talking ability with you and Denzl Washinton —

Steve Jobs

Jobs, probably more than any businessman in modern history, changed humankind. Between introducing such now-staples of modern life as the mouse, dropdown menus and the iPhone, Jobs can only be described as a pivotal player in human evolution.

However, the bridges Jobs burned and the people he walked over in his quest to “put a dent in the universe,” caused him to get fired by the Apple board of directors — the very men he himself had hired, and the very company he himself had founded.

And, perhaps even more sadly, his unrelenting bluntness alienated him from the very people who loved him most. This included his own daughter, who for years he denied paternity of. Watch this heart-wrenching scene from the movie Steve Jobs:

Now, in complete contrast, watch a very different movie scene —

one where Denzel Washington plays Stephen Biko, the charismatic freedom fighter who later was tortured and killed by the South African police.

In this scene, Denzel as Biko uses the honest and straightforward Persona you share with him as a velvet glove rather than the Steve Jobs iron fist.

Watch how the extraordinary Biko, rather than further alienating an outspoken critic, beautifully gets him to align with him . . . and eventually gets him to become one of Biko’s most ardent supporters —

Biko / Washington uses a simple yet powerful velvet glove Truth-Speaking technique in the above sequence.

This technique is called Show vs Tell.

Rather than bludgeoning someone with your truth, you, [syt_user_name], can now easily learn to do the same as Biko.

Instead of offending someone by telling them something they’re going to resist anyway, why not do as Biko did? —

how he offered to show the dubious newspaperman what life was like in the Black Townships.

Zero Force

Show vs Tell is just one of a number of friction-free techniques you’ll see in your Truth-Speaking Report below to shift others you may otherwise be in opposition to . . . with no force whatsoever.

Using these simple but powerful techniques you’re about to learn, rather than creating conflict and confrontation (a la Steve Jobs), you will be able to foster cooperation, collaboration and harmony in your most important personal and professional relationships.

Once you master these techniques, you, like the characters Denzel Washington’ plays, will almost magically avoid conflict, and naturally resolve it if it does arise.

And perhaps the best part is, with the new skills you’re about to acquire, you’ll become an inspiring leader at work and with your family.

And you’ll naturally begin receiving more love, respect and attention you may be desiring from your wife, children, friends, parents and colleagues.

Let’s get started!

Your extraordinary Denzel Washington Truth-Speaking Persona indicates that despite the gifts of directness and leadership you share with less than 10% of the population, you may also have — like Steve Jobs — the tendency for these characteristics and behaviors:

  • Finding it challenging to stay quiet when you feel someone is not getting what you’re saying, or judging and belittling your ideas, or putting you in a box
  • Difficulty not reacting to someone who is self-centered (and possibly even narcissistic or abusive)
  • Repressed anger from not always being clearly heard or understood
  • Stress from women — and men, as well — who seem overly reactive to you just simply Speaking Your Truth
  • A concern that your directness may stir up the hornet’s nest and make certain situations worse than they already are

Your Denzel Washington Persona additionally indicates in your marriage you may ...

  • Desire to end frequent arguments
  • Have a desire to have heart-to-heart conversations with your wife rather than having to decide between "stuffing” your feelings or saying something you’ll later regret
  • Have hidden concerns that your repressed frustration regarding your marriage may lead to emotional distancing ... and even separation ... and possibly even divorce.

Like so many other a manager married men, you likely wish to —

  • Feel more respected, both from women and men
  • Be better at creating healthy boundaries without having to be forceful
  • Become more adept at smoothly delegating, and keeping your team on schedule and on task
  • Be clearer, firmer and more effective when negotiating agreements
  • Become more skilled at heading off conflicts
  • Potentially even avert a legal action that’s looming before the situation gets totally out of hand

In a nutshell, you end up harboring a lot of repressed resentment, frustration and even anger ...

Ironically, these problems stem from too often having to decide between either repressing your thoughts or offending someone.

This is because when it comes to getting your point across, you feel you may not be able to do it in a way without offending the other person.